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Prayer of Approach - Hymns - Prayer of Adoration and Praise - Readings from Old Testament - Epistle - Gospel - A Word with the Young - Prayer of Confession - Sermon - Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession - Offertory Prayer - Benediction



Isaiah 11: 1-10; Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19; Romans 15:4-13; Matthew 3: 1-12

Additional resources for Advent 2A: Advent Wreath; A branch with gum leaves attached; Be our Freedom, Lord . Terry C. Falla, Openbook Publishers, Adelaide, 1994; Australian Psalms, Openbook Publishers, Adelaide, 2000.

CALL TO WORSHIP: Based on verses from Isaiah 11

In the scorching heat of summer, deep in fire-ravaged bush, charred and apparently lifeless tree stumps incredibly produce new shoots. Transformation and renewal takes place.


Isaiah prophesies the coming of one who will renew people’s faith and transform the values by which they live….

TIS 265/AHB 193:  “O come, O come, Emmanuel” 

ALTERNATIVE CALL TO WORSHIP: Psalm 72 : verses 1-7, 18-19

Read responsively and follow with TIS 275/AHB 203 “Hail to the Lord’s anointed”


ADULT: Today -  the second Sunday in Advent - we hear about Isaiah’s vision of a new and transformed world….


God of all faithfulness  - Isaiah’s vision paints a picture of a world  shaped in accordance with your will and your design.  He tells of  One so enlightened by your Spirit that he would open eyes and ears and hearts to a new understanding…

TIS 286 Verses 1 and 2:   “Light one candle for hope”

OLD TESTAMENT: Isaiah 11: 1-10


- Prop - a branch of a gum tree with leaves attached.   Ask the children/young people if they have ever seen the bush after a fire has gone through it.  How would they describe it?  Someone once described such a scene as looking like a crowd of black skeletons…

He described the coming of a new king from the roots of the previous kingship. Isaiah’s vision was of a world shaped by justice, righteousness and peace, ruled by one with God’s Spirit resting on him…

Bushfires are perhaps most likely to occur when the hot north wind blows, but our hymn calls attention to the fact that we celebrate the birth of Christ in the heat of summer - “when the north wind is tossing the leaves...”that is when “we lift up our voices and sing to the Christ child, the heavenly King.”

TIS 322/AHB 246:  “The north wind is tossing the leaves”


“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near” and “bear fruit worthy of repentance” cries John the Baptist to those people long ago from Judea and Jerusalem….

He addresses these same words to us.  “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near”… 


Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, who does wondrous things. (Psalm 72: 8)  The most wondrous of all being God’s  entry into our world in Jesus Christ, “not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.”… 

EPISTLE: Romans 15:4 -13

GOSPEL: Matthew 3:1-12


God looked deep and long

into the prophet Isaiah's heart,

painting his vision through Isaiah's eyes -

enabling Isaiah's kaleidoscope mind

to shake free a future which reflected the past. 

When the Word spoke creation's birth. …

Isaiah looked at a dark and stormy world

and God ignited a flame in his heart

which illuminated

every dark and dismal area of life…. 

God breathed a sigh

and the conviction grew in Isaiah's mind

that the crushed and broken of the world

were invited to shelter close to God's heart

and be comforted - as lambs by a shepherd;

that the oppressed of the world

would be liberated

by God's gracious and loving acts towards them.


Isaiah looked into God's eyes

and saw a light

which streamed into the future from the future. 

A light which lit up every nook and cranny

of the world until no more darkness was left.

That light shaped itself into a star

which startled shepherds and led the wise

to a child  lying in the straw of a manger

warmed by the breath of wondering animals…..

But we do know something that Isaiah didn't

- or did he? 

That Jesus breathes his Spirit

into ordinary people like you and me

- empowering us

to live his gracious and lovely life,…

A voice cries in the wilderness

“Prepare  the way of the Lord”….

TIS 270/AHB 199: “On Jordan’s bank the Baptist’s cry”  

TIS 577/AHB 490: “Come, let us to the Lord our God”

TIS 264/AHB192: “Hark! a herald voice is calling”


“Let the heavens rejoice and the earth be glad” p.28 in Be our Freedom, Lord

“Prepare the Way of the Lord” page 100f in Australian Psalms




TIS 161/AHB 109: “Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord”

TIS 273: “Lo! He comes with clouds descending”

TIS 616/AHB 547: “O day of God, draw near”


May the God of all hope fill you with the all joy and peace in believing,...

TIS 779: “May the feet of God walk with you”

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