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This CD which is still available to purchase and delivery by mail contains Liturgies, for all years, A, B and C of the Revised Common Lectionary. This includes full Orders of Service for Year A in the current season of Pentecost.

Included on this CD are resources for the current season of Pentecost and all other seasons throughout the year - perfect for lay and full time clergy preparing for services in 2014.

by Moira Laidlaw

God looked deep and long into the prophet Isaiah’s heart, painting his vision through Isaiah’s eyes – enabling Isaiah’s kaleidoscope mind to shake free a future which reflected the past.

When the Word spoke creation’s birth.

Where carpeted wild flowers perfumed the plains and cicadad eucalypts choired natures praise.

Where lambs trusted wolves, and calves cartwheeled with lions, where bears fed honey to cows and children made daisy chains to decorate snakes.

Isaiah looked at a dark and storm world and God ignited a flame in his heart which illuminated every dark and dismal area of life.

Isaiah saw the no-longer-lame building bonfires with crutches. The no-longer-blind painting bright orange sunsets. The no-longer-deaf clapping hands over sound saturated ears. The no-longer-discriminated against embracing and being embraced.

God breathed a sigh and the conviction grew in Isaiah’s mind. That the crushed and broken of the world were invited to shelter close to God’s heart and be comforted as lambs by a shepherd, that the oppressed of the world would be liberated by God’s gracious and loving acts towards them.

Isaiah looked into God’s eyes and saw a light which streamed into the future from the future. A light which lit up every nook and cranny of the world until no more darkness was left. That light shaped itself into a star which startled shepherds and led the wise to a child lying in the straw of a manger warmed by the breath of wondering animals. Did Isaiah know as we know, that that child embodies a love and a righteousness that seek out those who struggle to survive in this competitive world-even here-in this great South land. Did Isaiah know as we know that that child’s glory still illuminates the places of the world where darkness is experienced, still reveals the way of love for us to follow.

But we do know something that Isaiah didn’t – or did he? That Jesus breathes his Spirit into ordinary people like you and me – empowering us to live his gracious and lovely life so that we can serve as he served, comfort as he comforted, heal as he healed, and , above all, love as he loved.

“A voice cries in the wilderness”

Prepare us now, Lord, truly to live and truly to love your way, which is the only way.

Click here to play COMING HOME - A short video recorded of Moira telling her story of faith and her journey through a divine encounter into full time ministry.

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