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We have now made available a USB drive which contains Liturgies, for all years, A, B and C of the Revised Common Lectionary. This includes full Orders of Service. We have made these available because most computers are phasing out CD drive technology.

Included on this USB are resources for all the seasons throughout the year - perfect for lay and full time clergy preparing for services each year.


This season begins with Trinity Sunday and concludes with the Reign of Christ, This is the long journey of growth where we go forward as people inspired on the journey by the risen Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit These weeks have been described as “the Time of the Church” the time when the readings from the Lectionary help us to work out what it means to be “The Church” - what it means to be people of the Spirit and how that shapes and sharpens our discipleship over these weeks.

“I believe that the power of the Holy Spirit distributed at Pentecost was God’s gift of the first fruits of Jesus ministry. The Holy Spirit was evident in Jesus primarily as love, and the all important work of the Spirit is to make Jesus come alive for us and for us then to show forth the fruitfulness of that gift.

If we believe that God seeks to unite humanity through the love of Christ, and through speaking and living out the one common language of the Holy Spirit - the language of love and harmony and justice, then no matter how young or old we are, we have a part to play.

But how do we get the message across? Jesus got his message across to the people of his day because he revealed God through his love. Jesus ministry, his suffering and his death showed that what he did supremely, more than anyone else, better than anyone else, was that - he loved - to the uttermost limits of love …… So if love makes Christ believable, is it not love that makes Christianity believable? For Christianity is people, God’s people.

The church has been most attractive when love is evident, when the church presents itself to the world, like Jesus, as a suffering servant. The church is believable when love is visible, when it agonises over and seeks to meet the needs of hands without work, stomachs without food, human beings without human rights, families with nowhere to lay their heads.”

Loving Jesus, we are in need of your grace to unsettle and redirect our hearts. We are in need of your power To rekindle and sustain our passion to serve you. We are in need of your love That we might recognize the ever- present possibilities For change and conversion and growth.

We believe that your Spirit Is at work in your world and in our church. Give us the faith to believe That you can accomplish wonderful things through us And give us the strength and courage and hope To live in the knowledge that with you All things are possible

This we pray in Jesus’ name


Click here to play COMING HOME - A short video recorded of Moira telling her story of faith and her journey through a divine encounter into full time ministry.

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