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CALL TO WORSHIP: Based on verses from Isaiah 11

In the scorching heat of summer, deep in fire-ravaged bush, charred and lifeless tree stumps rebirth new shoots. Transformation and renewal takes place.

Isaiah prophesies the coming of one who will renew people’s faith and transform the values by which they live.

A shoot will come out from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots. The spirit of the Lord will rest on him... the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. Righteousness and faithfulness form the belt around his waist, And the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord, As surely as the waters cover the sea.

PRAYER: God of all faithfulness - Isaiah’s vision paints a picture of a world shaped in accordance with your will and your design. He tells of One so enlightened by your Spirit that he would open eyes and ears and hearts to a new understanding of your will and your design for the world. Isaiah described the one for whom the people waited - the Messiah . We wait also, but we wait in the joyful knowledge that the Messiah has come in the form of your beloved Son. We wait in faith, praying that through the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus - Prince of Peace - will be born anew in our hearts and in our lives. Amen

ADVENT MEDITATION: God looked deep and long into the prophet Isaiah's heart, painting his vision through Isaiah's eyes - enabling Isaiah's kaleidescope mind to shake free a future which reflected the past.

When the Word spoke creation's birth

Where carpetted wild-flowers perfumed the plains, and cicadad eucalypts choired nature's praise.

Where lambs trusted wolves, and calves cartwheeled with lions. Where bears fed honey to cows and children made daisy chains to decorate snakes.

Isaiah looked at a dark and stormy world and God ignited a flame in his heart which illuminated every dark and dismal area of life.

Isaiah saw the no-longer-lame building bonfires with crutches. The no-longer-blind painting bright orange sunsets; the no-longer-deaf clapping hands over sound-saturated ears. The no-longer discriminated against embracing and being embraced.

God breathed a sigh and the conviction grew in Isaiah's mind that the crushed and broken of the world were invited to shelter close to God's heart and be comforted - as lambs by a shepherd; that the oppressed of the world would be liberated by God's gracious and loving acts towards them.

Isaiah looked into God's eyes and saw a light which streamed into the future from the future. A light which lit up every nook and cranny of the world until no more darkness was left. That light shaped itself into a star which startled shepherds and led the wise to a child lying in the straw of a manger warmed by the breath of wondering animals. Did Isaiah know as we know, that that child embodies a love and a righteousness that seeks out those who struggle to survive in this competitive world - even here - in this great South land.

Did Isaiah know as we know, that that child's glory still illuminates the places of the world where darkness is experienced, still reveals the way of love for us to follow.

But we do know something that Isaiah didn't - or did he? That Jesus breathes his Spirit into ordinary people like you and me - empowering us to live his gracious and lovely life, so that we can serve as he served, comfort as he comforted, heal as he healed, and, above all, love as he loved.

A voice cries in the wilderness “Prepare the way of the Lord”

Prepare us now, Lord, truly to live and truly to love your way, which is the only way. M.L

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