Now Available Digital Download - All YEAR B Liturgies including complete liturgies for Easter season in one download.

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We have made available a way to purchase all of the YEAR B Liturgies for instant delivery. For people who need a Liturgy straight away and can't wait for the CD to arrive or have a new computer without any CD or DVD drives.

Currently the Liturgies as a download are identical to those on the CD for sale, but we are looking at adding more content and resources over the coming months for instant download.

This CD which is still available to purchase and delivery by mail contains Liturgies, for all years, A, B and C of the Revised Common Lectionary. This includes full Orders of Service for Year A in the current season of Pentecost.

Included on this CD are resources for the current season of Pentecost and all other seasons throughout the year - perfect for lay and full time clergy preparing for services in 2015.


The transforming event of history. The crucified Jesus was not the end. God affirmed Jesus life of faith and unconditional love and raised him from the dead,and In showing himself as the resurrected Christ to a dozen or so of his despairing followers, transformed them into one of the most dynamic groups in human history. The disciples and community learned from the experiences of Easter that salvation rests completely in God's actions, their faith and attitude had failed completely but God had acted. It was pure grace. So they were empowered to tell the Good News, in a teaching style that invited participation. They not only taught the Good News but lived it, motivated and empowered by the living Christ that they had seen and believed. So we begin to understand the words of Jesus in John 15. "I am the true vine are the branches" A statement that suggests the truth that disciples of Jesus can find life only in Him and that He alone is the real vine, and IS 'the vine' when in community with his branches.

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$9.00 for all of Year B Liturgies

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