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Holy God, we gather here to worship you with praise and thanksgiving for all you have done, are doing, and promise to do in the world and in our lives. We have done nothing to deserve such grace and goodness and so we cannot help but respond with joy and delight for being so loved by you and so precious to you. We rejoice because we no longer have to earn your love - only to accept it. You, O God, graciously revealed this love forever when you entered our world and our history in person - in Jesus Christ our Lord. He enters our very lives through the gift of the Holy Spirit. We pray that this time of worship may reveal the depth of our love for you and for this world you created, for we offer it in Jesus’ name. Amen


We confess, O God, all the times when we are in special need of your help to overcome our weaknesses, our anger, our fear. We know that our quality of life is diminished when we find ourselves reacting to difficult situations, rather than acting to resolve them. This may mean looking at ourselves and our motives and pondering how differently we may act if we really believed the Apostle Paul’s words that “the word is near you, on your lips and in your heart” and “if you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved.”

When our lips gladly confess that Jesus is Lord but our actions do not reflect that belief, forgive us. When our need to promote our personal agendas becomes more important than promoting the Lordship of Christ, forgive us. When our apathy and prejudices undermine the gospel of love, forgive us. Merciful God, forgive us all our faults and fears, we pray. Renew our faith in the living Christ so that we can live joyously aware of his risen presence strengthening us to confess him as Lord and to make that confession visible in and through our lives. This we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen


We would all agree that in recent years most countries of the world have moved from having industrialised economies to information economies. We receive information in ways which have not happened in our history before. We accept the fact that information is bounced off satellites from one part of the world to another. The stored deposit of information that each of us has covers vaster areas than our ancestors would have dreamed possible – so that – when we ask questions – we expect to receive some kind of rational answer or explanation. So – acknowledging this, how do we hear what today’s gospel reading is saying?

Does the story of the miraculous calming of the storm by Jesus assault our rationalistic minds with its seemingly irrational account of the apparent suspension of natural laws? Or – do we ask the question – why is Matthew – and Mark, Luke and John – telling this particular story? Tagged on to that question is an equally important one – what does a story like this say to us today?

All the miracle stories are signs pointing towards something that they signify. In one way or another they signify aspects of the character of God - whether it be divine holiness and love or righteousness and faithfulness – they are signs of the presence of an unique and active love in this world. They point to the fact that the presence and power of God has broken into the history of the world in the person of Jesus Christ. The gospel writers set down their accounts of the miracles as they understood them - in the way they believed that they had happened. In putting the memory of the various miracles into words – they are proclaiming that God could be discerned in the works and deeds of Jesus, his suffering, dying and resurrection.

In this story today, then, the limits of human resources had been reached or passed and the miraculous happens – God is revealed as present and the awareness and belief of that reality changes despair back into hope. Its easy to see how the account of this particular event would have brought much needed comfort and strength to those early Christians whose faith would so easily have moved from hope to despair as they tried to witness in a society which was prevailingly hostile to the gospel. It was a society built on structures that benefitted from the rich and powerful and crushed the poor and powerless. The ever present danger and threat to life and property would have tested the most faithful of these Christians – Jesus therefore speaks through the story and says “don’t be afraid” do not doubt that I am with you.

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